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The whole lot You Have to Know

In case you dwell in a bigger physique, generally it looks like you may’t win.

In case you don’t reduce weight, individuals will criticize you for being “lazy,” “unhealthy,” or “missing willpower.”

However in case you take remedy that will help you, you’ll be criticized for “dishonest” or “taking the simple method out,” even in case you’ve tried for many years to handle your weight by way of eating regimen, train, and way of life modifications (generally excessive ones).

On this article, we’ll be speaking a few extremely contentious group of medicines—GLP-1 receptor agonist medicine resembling semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus) or tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound).

And folks have tons of opinions about them.

However the opinion that issues most? Yours.

At PN, we’re remedy agnostic.

We’re not right here to evaluate whether or not an individual ought to or mustn’t take remedy for weight reduction. Finally, that’s a selection left as much as you, with the steering of your main care doctor.

Both method, we’re right here to assist our shoppers and elevate their outcomes.

Whether or not you’re taking remedy or not, a coach can assist you optimize vitamin and satiety with the correct meals, discover workout routines that work together with your altering physique, and enable you navigate the emotional ups and downs that come while you try to deal with a giant, significant, long-term aim.

Nonetheless, we additionally perceive that in case you’re debating the professionals and cons of starting (or persevering with) remedy, you may need combined emotions.

In case you’re undecided if these new medicines are best for you, we have now your again. Within the following article, we’ll provide the sincere, science-backed info that you must make a assured determination.

You’ll be taught…

  • Why it’s so laborious to lose (and preserve off) fats
  • Why taking remedy isn’t “dishonest,” neither is it the “simple method out”
  • How GLP-1 medicine work, and the well being advantages they will have (apart from weight reduction)
  • Easy methods to decide in case you’re at a “wholesome weight” (it’s not nearly BMI)
  • What actions you may take to decrease unintended effects and maximize long-term well being, in case you do determine to take these drugs

Let’s start.

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First, why is it so laborious to lose fats?

Fats loss is laborious. Interval.

However for some individuals, it’s more durable nonetheless—due to environmental, genetic, physiological, social, cultural, and/or behavioral components that work in opposition to them.

Listed here are a number of of the contributing components that may make fats loss so difficult.

We dwell in an setting that encourages a caloric surplus.

Think about life 150 years in the past, earlier than automobiles and public transit have been invented. To get from level A to level B, you needed to stroll, pedal a bicycle, or journey a horse.

Meals was usually briefly provide, too. You needed to expend energy to get it, and meals would simply fulfill you (however not go away you “full”).

Right this moment, nonetheless…

“We dwell in an obesogenic setting that’s crammed with low cost, highly-palatable, energy-dense meals [that make overeating calories easy, often unconsciously],” says Karl Nadolsky, MD, an endocrinologist and weight reduction specialist at Holland Hospital and co-host of the Docs Who Elevate podcast.

“We even have numerous conveniences that cut back our bodily exercise.”

In fact, even in such an setting, we have now individuals in lean our bodies, simply as we have now individuals who battle to cease the dimensions from constantly creeping up.


Genetically, some persons are extra predisposed to weight problems.

Some genes can result in extreme weight problems at a really early age. Nonetheless, these are fairly uncommon.

Rather more frequent is polygenic weight problems—when two or extra genes work collectively to predispose you to weight acquire, particularly while you’re uncovered to the obesogenic setting talked about earlier.

Individuals who inherit a number of of those so-called weight problems genes are inclined to have significantly persistent “I’m hungry” and “I’m not full but” alerts, says Dr. Nadolsky.

Weight problems genes additionally appear to trigger some individuals to expertise what’s colloquially often called “meals noise.”

They really feel obsessive about meals, frequently considering, “What am I going to eat subsequent? When is my subsequent meal? Can I eat now?

Physiologically, our bodies have a tendency to withstand fats loss.

In case you acquire quite a lot of fats, the hormones in your intestine, fats cells, and mind can change the way you expertise starvation and fullness.

“It’s like a thermostat in a home, however now it’s damaged,” says Dr. Nadolsky. “So when individuals reduce energy and weight goes down, these physiologic components work in opposition to them.”

After reducing weight, your intestine might frequently ship out the “I’m hungry” sign, even in case you’ve just lately eaten, and even you probably have greater than sufficient physique fats to function a calorie reserve. It additionally would possibly take extra meals so that you can really feel full than, say, another person who’s by no means been at the next weight.

Being in a bigger physique usually means being the recipient of fats stigma and discriminatory therapy.

Till you’ve lived in a bigger physique, it’s laborious to imagine how completely different the world would possibly deal with you.

Our shoppers have instructed us tales about being bullied on the health club, brazenly judged or lectured on the grocery retailer, and in any other case being subjected to innumerable feedback and assumptions about their physique form, well being, and even price.

Even in medical settings, individuals with weight problems usually tend to obtain poor therapy.1,2 Healthcare suppliers might overlook or downplay signs, attributing well being considerations solely to weight. This may result in delayed- or missed diagnoses or simply plain outdated insufficient care.

All of this mixed can add as much as an extremely pervasive and ongoing supply of stress.

This stress—along with being socially isolating and psychologically damaging—can additional contribute to elevated urge for food and pleasure from high-calorie meals, decreased exercise, and poorer sleep high quality.3

Which is why…

Taking remedy isn’t an “simple method out.”

In 2013, the American Medical Affiliation categorized weight problems as a illness.

And but, many individuals nonetheless don’t deal with it as such, and moderately contemplate weight problems as a willpower downside, and the consequence of merely consuming an excessive amount of and shifting too little. (The treatment: “Simply strive more durable.”)

In actuality, individuals with weight problems have as a lot willpower as anybody else.

Nonetheless, for them, fats loss is more durable—for all the explanations talked about above, and extra.

So, identical to chemotherapy or insulin isn’t “the simple method out” of most cancers or sort 1 diabetes, remedy isn’t “the simple method out” of weight problems.

Somewhat, remedy is a software, ideally used alongside wholesome way of life behaviors, that may assist offset among the genetic and physiological variances that individuals with weight problems might have, and have little particular person management over in any other case.

What that you must find out about GLP-1 medicine

In 2017, semaglutide (a synthentic GLP-1 agonist) was permitted within the US as an antidiabetic and anti-obesity remedy.

With the emergence of this class of medication, science supplied individuals with weight problems a comparatively secure and accessible approach to reduce weight long-term, as long as they continued the remedy.

How Ozempic and different weight problems medicines work

Present weight reduction drugs work primarily by mimicking the perform of glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), a hormone that performs a number of features:

  • Within the pancreas, it triggers insulin secretion, which helps regulate blood sugar (and in addition helps you’re feeling full).
  • Within the intestine, it slows gastric emptying, affecting your sensation of fullness.
  • Within the mind, it reduces cravings (the will for particular meals) and meals noise (intrusive ideas about meals).

In individuals with weight problems, the physique shortly breaks down endogenous (pure) GLP-1, making it much less efficient. Because of this, it takes longer to really feel full, meals provide much less endurance, and meals noise turns into a near-constant companion, says Dr. Nadolsky.

Semaglutide and comparable medicines flood the physique with synthetically made GLP-1 that lasts for much longer than the GLP-1 the physique produces. This long-lasting impact helps enhance emotions of fullness, cut back between-meal starvation, and muffle cravings and meals noise.

Curiously, by calming down the mind’s reward middle (the a part of the mind that drives cravings and even addictions), these medicines may assist individuals cut back addictive behaviors like compulsive ingesting and playing, says Dr. Nadolsky.

Observe: Newer weight reduction medicines, for instance tirzepatide, mimic not solely GLP-1, but additionally one other hormone known as gastric inhibitory polypeptide (GIP). Like GLP-1, GIP additionally stimulates post-meal insulin secretion and reduces urge for food, partly by reducing gastrointestinal exercise. Different medicine quickly to return available on the market, like retatrutide, mimic a 3rd hormone, glucagon.

How efficient are GLP-1 medicine?

Researchers measure a weight reduction medication’s success based mostly on the proportion of people that attain key weight reduction milestones of 5, 10, 15, or 20 p.c of their weight.

These medicines are nonetheless evolving, however up to now, they’ve proven to be fairly efficient:

About 86 p.c of people that take GLP-1 medicine like Ozempic, Rybelsus, and Wegovy lose not less than 5 p.c of their physique weight, with a few third of them shedding greater than 20 p.c of their physique weight.4, 5

And newer era variations of those drugs—resembling tirzepatide, and the not-yet-FDA-approved retatrutide—are solely getting higher, with as much as 57 p.c of individuals shedding greater than 20 p.c of their physique weight.6, 7

How do weight reduction drugs evaluate to way of life interventions?

Prior to now, weight reduction interventions have centered on way of life modifications like calorie or macronutrient manipulation, train, and generally counseling.

Somewhat than pitting way of life modifications in opposition to weight reduction medicines or surgical procedure, it’s extra useful to consider all of them as appropriate gamers.

With way of life modifications and training, the common individual can anticipate to lose about 5 to 13 p.c of their physique weight.

Whenever you add FDA-approved variations of GLP-1 and different weight-loss medicine to way of life and training, common weight reduction jumps up one other ten p.c or extra. 8, 9, 10, 11

Fats loss usually comes with highly effective well being advantages

For years, the medical group has instructed people that shedding 5 to 10 p.c of their physique weight was adequate.

Partly, this message was designed to right-set individuals’s expectations, as few lose far more than that (and preserve it off) with way of life modifications alone.

As well as, this modest weight reduction additionally results in measurable well being enhancements. Lose 5 to 10 p.c of your complete weight, and also you’ll begin to see blood sugar, ldl cholesterol, and stress drop.12

Nonetheless, shedding 15 to twenty p.c of your weight, as individuals are inclined to do after they mix way of life modifications with second-generation GLP-1s, and also you do far more than enhance your well being. You may go into remission for a number of well being issues, together with:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Fatty liver illness
  • Sleep apnea

Meaning, by taking a GLP-1 medication, you would possibly have the ability ultimately to cease taking a number of different medicine, says Dr. Nadolsky.

Specialists suspect GLP-1s might enhance well being even when no weight reduction happens.

“The medicines appear to supply additive advantages past simply weight discount,” says Dr. Nadolsky.

Analysis signifies that GLP-1s might cut back the danger of main cardiovascular occasions (coronary heart assaults and strokes) in individuals with diabetes or coronary heart illness.13, 14, 15In individuals with diabetes, they appear to enhance kidney perform, too.16

The idea is that organs all through the physique have GLP-1 receptors on their cells. When the GLP-1s connect to those receptors within the kidneys and coronary heart, they appear to guard these organs from injury.

Because of this, in 2023, the American Coronary heart Affiliation listed GLP-1 receptor agonists as one of many yr’s high advances in heart problems.

What even is a “wholesome physique weight”?

Many individuals say, “I simply need to be at a wholesome weight.”

However what does that even imply?

At PN, we imagine your healthiest physique composition / weight is one which:

  • Has comparatively extra lean mass (from muscle and wholesome, dense bones), and comparatively much less physique fats
  • Emerges from doing foundational, sustainable health-promoting behaviors (like being energetic and consuming effectively), moderately than “crash diets” or different excessive measures
  • Is comparatively simple to keep up with a handful of constant way of life decisions, with out undue sacrifices to total well-being (or what we name Deep Well being)
  • Permits you to do the actions you need and revel in, with as few limitations as attainable
  • Retains your well being markers (like blood stress, ldl cholesterol, and blood sugar) in secure and wholesome ranges as a lot as in all fairness attainable
  • Feels good to you

This isn’t a particular measurement, form, look, physique fats proportion, or class on a BMI chart; A “wholesome” physique composition and/or weight will differ from individual to individual.

… Which might be each liberating and irritating to listen to.

With out a particular quantity to goal for, it’s more durable to know in case you’ve “arrived” at your healthiest weight or physique composition.

Nonetheless, we like this fashion of qualifying what a wholesome weight is as a result of it takes the stress off a quantity on the dimensions, and places the give attention to behaviors you have got extra management over, and extra importantly, how your life feels.

7 methods to make weight reduction medicines more practical—and enhance long-term well being

Right here’s what we imagine:

Weight reduction medicines don’t render way of life modifications out of date; they make them extra crucial.

When GLP-1 medicines muffle meals noise and starvation, many discover it simpler to prioritize lean protein, fruits and veggies, entire grains, and different minimally processed meals. Equally, as the dimensions goes down, individuals usually really feel higher, in order that they’re extra more likely to embrace weight lifting and different types of train.

Certainly, in line with a 2024 client tendencies survey, 41 p.c of GLP-1 medication customers reported that their train frequency elevated since happening the remedy. The vast majority of them additionally reported an enchancment in eating regimen high quality, selecting to eat extra protein, in addition to fruit and veggies.17

That is nice information, as a result of it additional reinforces the concept that remedy isn’t merely “the simple method out.”

(In fact, generally medicine are used as “the simple method out”; After happening remedy, individuals can proceed to eat poor high quality meals—simply much less of it. This will increase the danger of shedding crucial muscle and bone, and shedding much less—and even no—physique fats.)

When used accurately, weight reduction remedy is a software that, as talked about above, could make wholesome way of life modifications simpler to perform, making each the medicine and the approach to life modifications more practical, and enhancing each short- and long-term success.

In case you do determine to take weight reduction medicine, use these methods to get essentially the most out of them—and protect your long-term well being.

Technique #1: Discover methods to eat nutritiously regardless of unintended effects.

The slowed abdomen emptying brought on by GLP-1 medicine can set off nausea and constipation.

Happily, for most individuals, these GI woes are inclined to resolve inside a number of weeks.

Nonetheless, in case you’re experiencing quite a lot of nausea, you’re not going going to welcome salads into your life with open arms. (Consider how you’re feeling when you have got the abdomen flu. A bowl of roughage doesn’t look like it’ll “go down simple.”)

So, attempt to discover extra palatable methods to devour nutritious meals. (For instance, fruit and veggies within the type of a smoothie or pureed soup is perhaps simpler.)

Dr. Nadolsky additionally suggests individuals keep away from the next frequent offenders:

  • Massive parts of any type
  • Greasy, fatty meals
  • Extremely processed meals
  • Any sturdy meals smells that set off your gag reflex
  • Sugar alcohols (like xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, and sorbitol, usually present in eating regimen sodas, chewing gum, and low-sugar protein bars), which might set off diarrhea in some

Technique #2: Prioritize power coaching.

When individuals take GLP-1 weight reduction medicines, about 30 to 40 p.c of the load they lose can come from lean mass.18, 19, 20

Put one other method: For each 10 kilos somebody loses, about six to seven come from fats and three to 4 from muscle, bone, and different non-fat tissues.

Nonetheless, there’s two essential caveats to this statistic:

1. Folks with extreme weight problems usually have extra muscle and bone mass than others. (Carrying round an additional 100+ kilos of physique weight means muscle tissue should adapt by getting greater and stronger.)

2. Muscle and bone loss aren’t inevitable. (As Dr. Nadolsky places it, “Muscle loss isn’t a purpose to keep away from treating weight problems [with medication]. It’s a purpose to do extra train.”)

To protect muscle and bone mass, goal for not less than two full-body resistance coaching periods per week.

As well as, transfer round as a lot as you may. Strolling and different types of bodily exercise are very important for retaining metabolism wholesome—and can assist to maneuver meals by way of the intestine to ease digestion.21, 22

(Want inspiration for power coaching? Try our free train video library.)

Technique #3: Lean into lean protein.

Along with power coaching, sufficient protein consumption is significant for serving to to guard muscle mass.

You should use our free macros calculator to find out the correct amount of protein for you. (Spoiler: Most individuals will want 1 to 2 palm-sized protein parts per meal, or about 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of physique weight per day.)

Technique #4: Fill your plate with fruit and veggies.

Moreover being good on your total well being, entire, contemporary, and frozen produce fuels you with crucial vitamins that may assist drive down ranges of irritation.

Along with elevating your danger for illness, power irritation can block protein synthesis, making it more durable to keep up muscle mass.

(Didn’t know managing irritation issues in the case of preserving muscle? Discover out extra muscle-supporting methods right here: Easy methods to construct muscle power, measurement, and energy)

Technique #5: Select high-fiber carbs over low-fiber carbs.

Beans, lentils, entire grains, and starchy tubers like potatoes and candy potatoes do a greater job of serving to you’re feeling full and managing blood sugar than lower-fiber, extra extremely processed choices.

(Learn extra in regards to the drawbacks—and occasional advantages—of processed meals right here: Minimally processed vs. extremely processed meals)

Technique #6: Select wholesome fat.

Wholesome fat can assist you’re feeling full between meals and shield your total well being.

Gravitate towards fat from entire meals like avocado, seeds, nuts, and olive oil, in addition to fatty fish (which is a protein too!)—utilizing them to exchange much less wholesome fat from highly-processed meals (like chips or donuts).

(Undecided which fat are wholesome? Use our 3-step information for selecting one of the best meals on your physique)

Technique #7: Think about teaching.

It could go with out saying, however the above ideas are simply the beginning.

(There’s additionally: high quality sleep, social assist, stress administration, and extra.)

Whereas many individuals select to deal with these methods on their very own, many others discover that the assist, steering, and artistic problem-solving {that a} good coach can present makes the entire course of loads simpler—to not point out extra pleasurable and extra more likely to stick.

And that’s the actual present of teaching: A coach doesn’t simply assist you determine what to eat and the best way to transfer; They enable you take away limitations, construct abilities, and create methods and routines in order that habits turn out to be so pure and computerized that it’s laborious to think about not doing them.

Then, in case you do need to cease taking remedy, your ingrained way of life habits (that teaching strengthened, and drugs maybe made simpler to undertake) will make it extra probably that you just keep your outcomes.


Click on right here to view the data sources referenced on this article.

In case you’re a coach, otherwise you need to be…

You may assist individuals construct sustainable vitamin and way of life habits that may considerably enhance their bodily and psychological well being—when you make a terrific residing doing what you like. We’ll present you ways.

In case you’d wish to be taught extra, contemplate the PN Degree 1 Vitamin Teaching Certification.

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