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Your little one’s pee: An final information – CHOC

Recommendation for fogeys about their little one’s urine colours, hydration and well being

Though it could sound foolish, right here at CHOC, we encourage you to take a periodic peek inside the bathroom bowl! The colour, odor and nature of your little one’s urine (pee) can inform you numerous about their hydration — and general well being.

Right here, Dr. Monica Molina, a pediatrician in CHOC’s Major Care Community, offers an final information to your little one’s urine. Get solutions concerning the widespread urine hues and smells, how a lot water your little one ought to be ingesting and when to hunt assist in case your little one complains of ache whereas peeing.

What can my little one’s pee shade inform me about their well being?

Usually, the colour of your little one’s urine depends upon how hydrated they’re, says Dr. Molina. Infants, children and teenagers can have urine colours starting from clear to amber shade.

By maintaining the occasional pulse in your little one’s urine shade, you might be able to monitor their water consumption, spot indicators of potential an infection and search assist out of your physician when wanted.

CHOC’s Pee Palette: Methods to decode your little one’s urine colours

CHOC Pee Palette graphic - What does the color of my urine mean?
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Widespread urine colours for infants, children and teenagers

  • Clear. When urine seems clear, it’s most frequently a results of ingesting quite a lot of water. Infants will typically have related urine colours to children and teenagers, however it’s widespread for his or her urine to be pale or colorless for the primary few days after delivery. Then, as infants begin to feed, their urine will turn into extra concentrated and switch pale yellow.
  • Pale Yellow. That is the best shade for urine. It signifies that the physique is well-hydrated and functioning correctly. You may inform your children that this shade means they’re ingesting sufficient water.
  • Darkish Yellow: If urine is darker than pale yellow, it’d imply that your children must drink extra water. It might point out delicate dehydration. With elevated hydration, your little one’s urine shade ought to turn into paler after just a few hours.
  • Amber or honey: If urine seems amber or honey-colored, it’s an indication of dehydration. Encourage your little one to drink water instantly.
  • Orange: Orange urine may be attributable to sure medicines or meals, however it will possibly additionally point out dehydration or liver issues. Encourage your little one to drink water and monitor their urine shade.

Much less widespread urine colours in infants, children and teenagers  

  • Pink or purple: Though meals and drinks could trigger urine to look purple or pink, it is also an indication of blood within the urine, which might point out a well being situation. In case your little one’s urine is pink or purple, they need to see a physician straight away.
  • Blue or inexperienced: Typically, sure meals or medicines could cause urine to look blue or inexperienced. Whereas that is normally innocent, it’s a good suggestion to say it to a physician if it persists.
  • Cloudy or foamy: Cloudy or foamy urine may point out a urinary tract an infection (UTI). In case your little one’s urine seems constantly cloudy or foamy, they need to see a physician.

Share this pee palette along with your children and encourage them to peek at the bathroom bowl on occasion (since they most likely already do anyway!) so they’re extra conscious of their our bodies and well being. All the time reassure them that it’s regular to speak about bodily capabilities and that it’s essential to let an grownup know if one thing appears uncommon or uncomfortable.

For extra bathroom bowl ideas, go to CHOC’s final information to your little one’s poop.

Why does my little one’s pee scent?

Urine does have a barely “nutty” or “ammonia-like” odor, which is completely regular. It’s normally delicate, however generally, different elements could change the scent of urine, like:

  • Weight-reduction plan. Meals like asparagus, sure spices and low could cause urine to have a stronger odor. Dehydration can even focus the waste merchandise in urine, making the odor extra noticeable.
  • Drugs. Some medicines, like antibiotics, could change the scent of your little one’s urine quickly.
  • Well being circumstances. Sure circumstances like urinary tract infections (UTIs), diabetes, liver or kidney issues and metabolic issues could cause modifications within the scent of urine. For instance, UTIs typically produce a stronger, foul odor.

Most often, a slight odor in your little one’s urine will not be trigger for concern and ought to be resolved by itself. Nevertheless, in case your little one’s urine has a powerful, foul scent that lasts a number of days and is accompanied by different signs like ache, fever or modifications in urine shade, name your physician.

My little one is complaining that it hurts after they pee. What ought to I do?

Ache whereas peeing may be attributable to various things. Mostly, it’s attributable to UTIs.

Irritation or harm of the genital space or kidney stones (small plenty of minerals) within the urinary tract may trigger ache whereas peeing.

Encourage your little one to drink water and preserve an eye fixed out for different signs of an infection like fever, belly ache or modifications in urine shade or odor.

In case your little one experiences these signs, or the ache persists, name your physician. 

How a lot water ought to my little one be ingesting?

At CHOC, we suggest that youngsters drink the quantities of water under based on their age, says Dr. Molina. You will need to word that youngsters ought to drink the variety of 8-ounce cups of water equal to their age, with a minimal of 64 ounces of water for kids over the age of 8.

Get extra hydration ideas for youths from CHOC specialists

Maintaining monitor of the character of your little one’s pee could be a useful method to verify they’re staying hydrated and feeling properly. So don’t be afraid to analyze the bathroom bowl and encourage your children to report something uncommon to you. Your little one’s pee can present useful clues to dehydration and an infection prevention!

For extra well being and wellness sources from the pediatric specialists at CHOC, join the Children Well being e-newsletter.

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